Internet Explorer Settings

For successful operation of Worldspan Go! Res, the following modifications to Internet Explorer settings are required.

      • Newer version of stored pages
      • Low security for the Worldspan site
      • Enabled controls and proper page loading
      • Disk space use at 60MB
      • AutoComplete option secured
      • Microsoft Virtual Machine installed

Opening Internet Options
General Tab
Security Tab
Advanced Tab
Installing Virtual Machine


Before beginning the Internet Options Checklist, please read the following notes:

  • The steps must be completed on actual PC that will access Worldspan Go! Res Product.

  • The steps must be performed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  

                                   image001.gif (460 bytes)    
    Many popular ISP's (Internet Service Providers) are using proprietary or customized browsers, which do not allow the settings to be changed. Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer must be used. If you are accessing the ISP's browser, minimize the customized browser and open Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

  • IE version IE 5.5 sp1 is currently supported for Worldspan Go! Res. Worldspan does not support any other version of IE at this time.

For successful operation of Worldspan Go! Res, the following modifications to Internet Explorer settings are required:

      • New versions of stored pages
      • Low security for the Worldspan WEB site
      • Enabled controls and proper page loading
      • Disk Space use at 30-60 MB
      • Deletion of saved pages/temporary internet files at browser close and automatic IE update prompt
      • AutoComplete option secured
      • Microsoft Virtual Machine installed

Please be sure that all of the following steps are completed.


To verify all your Internet Explorer settings, use the following procedures.

Step 1.

Close ALL open browser windows.

*Note: It is very important that ALL browser windows be closed.
                        If not, updates may not take effect.

Step 2. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel. ** It is strongly recommended that you access Internet Options in this manner and not through an open Internet Explorer browser window.  This helps to ensure we are changing the Internet Options in Microsoft Internet Explorer and not a proprietary (customized) version.


                      Control Panel


Step 3.

Double-Click the Internet Options Icon.

                     Select Internet Options


Step 4. Internet Properties (Options) Window opens. Select the General tab.
To verify your stored pages, disk space setting, and clear stored cached data, us the following steps.
A. Reduce number of 'Days to keep pages in history' to 0 (zero).
B. Within the History section, click Clear History. Click OK, when prompted.
C. Within the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Files. Click OK, when prompted.
D. Within the Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings.

                     clear_history.gif (10445 bytes)

Step 5. Within the Settings Window
A. Select the radio button "Every time you start Internet Explorer."
B. Amount of disk space to use will vary. Worldspan recommends a minimum of 60 MB. To increase, slide the bar to the right. If the amount of disk space is set to a higher amount, leave as is. Click OK on this dialog.


Place a bullet on "Every visit to the page"

Step 6. Click the Security Tab:
To verify that the Worldspan Go! URL is listed in the Trusted Sites zone, use the following steps.
                           5.5 users:  Click Trusted Sites. Click Sites.

Security Tab

Step 7.Trusted Sites In the text box 'Add these Web sites to the zone type


Click Add. Click OK. You will then returned to the Security Tab.

                    Trusted Sites

To ensure all controls are enabled and pages loaded properly for the Trusted Sites zone, use the following steps.

Step 8. Verify Security settings which will allow Scripts/Macros to play without error.

      • Click Custom Level.
      • Verify Reset Custom Settings choice is Low.
      • Click Reset.
      • Click Yes.
      • Select Enable for ALL settings with that option
      • Select Low Safety for ALL settings with that option
      • Click OK.


                 low_settings.gif (8172 bytes)
Step 9. Click the Content Tab Worldspan recommends turning off AutoComplete options to ensure secure access to Worldspan Go! Res. To verify your options settings, use the following steps:
  Select the Content tab


            Click Content Tab

                            Click the AutoComplete button

            auto_complete.gif (4824 bytes)

In the Use AutoComplete section, ensure that all the settings are unchecked.

Click OK.

                          Ensure that all the settings are unchecked

Step 10. Advanced Tab Settings

To verify your page deletion setting and to avoid Internet Explorer automatic updates, use the following steps.

  1. Select the Advanced Tab.
  2. If you are usingIE5.x only uncheck Automatically check for Internet updates.
  3. Uncheck "Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder when browser is closed."
  4. Click Apply.
Step 11 More Advanced Tab Settings
1. Select the Advanced Tab.
2. Uncheck the box Reuse windows for launching shortcuts.
3. To verify Installation of Virtual Machine, scroll down until you find Microsoft VM. If Microsoft VM is not listed, you must proceed to Step 12 to install.
*Note: If Virtual Machine is installed, proceed to Step 12 after clicking OK.


Step 12.  Virtual Machine Install Procedures:

What happens if Microsoft Virtual Machine is not installed?
The user will experience problems with IE SCRIPT ERRORS and/or the system will be UNAVAILABLE.


Installation Instructions for Microsoft Virtual Machine


*Note: The download time has been from 3 minutes on DSL to over 60 minutes on a 28.8 modem. Use the following steps to download and install Microsoft Virtual Machine.


                  1. To download Microsoft Virtual Machine, click here

                  2. When the File Download dialog box displays, select Save to Disk.

                  3. On Save As dialog, in the Save In drop-down box select Desktop,
                      and then click the Save button.

                  4. After file has downloaded to your desktop, double-click the icon on
                      your desktop called msjavx86.exe to install.

                  5. Answer Yes to the prompt and Yes to the license agreement dialog.

                  6. A dialog lets you know the installation is complete. Click OK.

                  7. After Microsoft Virtual Machine has installed**, the next dialog will
                     You must restart your computer before the settings will take
                     effect. Do you want to restart your computer now? Click Yes.


Step 13.

After restarting your computer, access Internet Explorer using or your assigned URL. You then login to Go! Res using your assigned Login ID and Password at the Go! Res Login screen

  After completion of the above steps, it is then recommended that the user access Tools | Scripts | Get Standard ScriptPro Scripts. This will verify scripts are running without error and that you may successfully use Worldspan Go! Res Product.


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