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Worldspan Go! is your gateway to the worldwide travel marketplace, a complete suite of online learning tools and state of the art communications with your customers. Whether yours is a large or small agency, Worldspan Go! gives you access to the inventory of 533 airlines, 50,000 hotels, 19,000 rental car locations and 83 tours, cruise line and special travel service suppliers. Worldspan's special arrangements with travel information companies allow you to provide weather, directions, and government travel regulations to your customers. Arrangements with travel suppliers allow you to make commissions from limo services, dinner reservations, luggage sale and golf tee times.

Connection Plans allow you to select the right type of connection to suit your agency's needs.

Worldspan Dedicated Connection uses Frame Relay network technology along with a high-powered customized browser. This dedicated communications line platform provides the speed and capacity required by large agencies and business.

Internet Connection uses a dial, DSL, business cable modem, ISDN connection and your web browser to significantly reduce your communication costs.

User - Is the perfect solution for small agencies, makes the best use of outside agents or support remote access requirements like conventions or working from home.
Customer LAN - Mid size agencies that require LAN connectivity or access to back office programs can benefit from reduced communication costs.

Getting started with Worldspan Go! is easy.
Just click on your appropriate connection plan under Getting Started. Current Worldspan Go! subscribers may be able to complete contract amendments on line. After your contract has been completed, Worldspan will assist you to set up your system and your agency. We will provide you complete product training and documentation.

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