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Worldspan Expert Program


The Expert Program, offered through e-Learning, will be discontinued on March 31st, 2003. This program provided participants the opportunity to complete a series of virtual classes to become a Worldspan Expert. As our customer's needs evolve Worldspan strives to offer training solutions that provide the flexibility and value our customers' require.

· Participants may complete the program by March 31st.
· Current program details apply now through March 31st.

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Additional details:
· Customers are encouraged to continue their Worldspan product and travel industry expertise through e-Learning.
· A complete library of virtual classes, self-paced tutorials and other reference materials are available on the Global Learning Center.
· Access More Learning Resources and grow your professional and technical skills

E-Learning continues to offer Expert virtual classes, access the course catalog for listings.

What Does it Mean to be a Worldspan Expert?

Completing the Expert Program improves your GDS skills allowing you to:

  • Spend more time completing reservations and less time searching.
  • Provide your customers with more comprehensive travel advice.
  • Make fewer callbacks and close more sales on the first call.
  • Expand your product line knowledge. Book a broader range of products.
What are the benefits of becoming an Expert?

The role of an Expert can vary from agency to agency but the knowledge you gain allows you to make important contributions. Some of the additional responsibilities you can assume include:

  • Serving as the in-house Worldspan resource to analyze and troubleshoot, facilitate learning from agents, introduce best practices, and keep the agency up-to-date on new products and enhancements.
  • Identifying agency training needs with skills assessment tools and designing training programs to meet the needs of your agency.
  • Becoming the agency's internal resource for questions on Worldspan entries and procedures, distributing information from Worldspan, reinforce finding answers in Go! Help, the Agent Assistant, or on the Global Learning Center.
  • Being the liaison with Worldspan by working closely with Worldspan instructors, Account Executives and the Customer Support Center.
ICTA Accreditation

The Worldspan Expert Program is ICTA accredited. Once you graduate from the program it can be used:

  • As an elective towards your CTA.
  • As continuing education credits. You receive 10 credits upon completion.

Visit the ICTA Web site at: for more information.

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Preparing Yourself for the Expert Path

Becoming an Expert requires that you complete a total of five courses and related topics. Each course comprises a certain number of topics that must be completed to qualify for expert certification. Each course is comprised of 30-60 minute topics offered exclusively through Virtual Classroom Training.

Each topic is followed by a post-test. You must attain a minimum post-test score of 80%. Familiarity with travel agency policies and procedures is a prerequisite:

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Required Courses (2 and related topics)

Availability and PNR
(9 topics)

Airline Participation Levels
Display PNR and Bridge Branch
PNR Remarks
Claim PNR and End and Copy
Divide PNR and Reduce Number in Party
PNR Special Handling
Segment Sell
PNR History and Pastdate PNR

Domestic Fares and Pricing (7 topics-Located under Documentation on the Course Catalog)

Itinerary Pricing
Power Products
Custom Discount Pricing
Rate Desk Pricing
World Ticket Image-WTI
Pricing Instructions
Multiple Ticket Records

Elective Courses (3 and related topics)

Car Select (4 topics)

Car Availability, Rules and Details
Car Rental Locations
Car Direct Sell
Car Default Record

Documentation (11 topics)

Agency Information Record
EZ Documentation I
EZ Documentation II
Electronic Ticketing
Document History
Ticket Exchanges
Interface Messaging
Itinerary Invoice
Travel Segments
Automated MCO
Automated Electronic Ticket Exchanges and Refunds

Go! Product (1 topics)

Go! Macros and Scripts I

Hotel Select (5 topics)

Hotel Booking
Hotel Levels of Participation
Hotel Reference Points
Hotel Modification and Cancellations
Hotel Default Record

Introduction to International Functionality (3 topics)

International Travel Information
International Complete Fare Quote
International Pricing and Pricing Options

Worldspan Scripts (3 topics)

Air - Script
Car- Script
Hotel -Script

World Files (4 topics)

World File Display and Copy
World File Create and Modify
World File Maintenance, History and Interactive World Files
World File Edits

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