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Training Resources

Worldspan training is the key to meeting the many challenges you face in today's travel industry. Now is the time to begin building a competitive advantage through increased utilization of the information in your Worldspan system.

In addition to self-paced tutorials and virtual classes, Worldspan offers a variety of other training resources, including:

Manager Mode
Product/Training Overview
Training Paths
Fee-Based Training Program





Manager Mode

The Manager Mode is a feature of the Training Services Portal that allows the travel agency to monitor, manage, and report against their travel counselor training in a single office or across branch locations.  The travel agency can set a training path for their unique needs and monitor progress against that path. 

Travelport developed a 90 minute instructor-led class that is designed to instruct the concepts needed to successfully work with the Manager Mode. 

The primary objectives of the class include the following: 

  • View and manage different users within their organization
  • Run reports for the entire organization or a specific user
  • View employee transcripts for a specific user
  • Register and/or Cancel employees for classes
  • Disable or Delete User Profiles

Training is mandatory in order to access Manager Mode.  Upon completion of the short training session, participants will submit their SIDs for access and their profile will be updated as a training manager. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of this exciting feature of the Training Services Portal, training classes are currently open for registration. 

Click here to view a current schedule and enroll in a Manager Mode training session! 

Click here to download the Manger Mode Quick Reference.


Product/Training Overview

provides a high-level introduction or overview of a variety of Worldspan products and features.



Training Paths

provide you with an order for training. By selecting a training path you can follow the recommended sequence for self-paced tutorials.


Fee-Based Training Program Travelport offers a variety of services that can help your agency become more efficient and profitable.