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Go! Scripts ScriptPro Scripts
Air Booking - Go! Automated MCO and Service Fee
Car Booking Tool - Go! Currency Converter
Custom Itinerary - Go! Custom World File
Encode/Decode - Go! Daily Document Log
e-Pricing   Daily Document Log Report
FastMail - Go!   ECCP Void
Find It/Map It - Go! FastClip
Hotel Booking Tool - Go! Low Fares Finder
Hotel and Car Maps/Maps - Go!   Menu
Interactive Maps for Hotels - Go! Multi Ticket Invoicing
Manual Pricing - Go!   Passenger Name List
PNR Creation Tool - Go!   Past Date PNR Request
PNR Review - Go!   Queues
Rail Booking Tool - Go! Queue Sort
Seat Map - Go! SecuRate Air Fares
Secure Flight Info - Go! Timatic
Ticket Exchange Plus - Go!   Travel Information Links
Ticketless Payment - Go!   Travelport ViewTrip Remark
TVL Segment - Go!   Tripmate
Travelport ViewTrip - Go!  

TripMate Setup

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