My Trip and More

My Trip and More is a Web site that gives worldwide travelers instant access to travel plans 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Internet in 9 languages. My Trip and More includes information on air, car, hotel, rail, cruise, and tour reservations, as well as access to e-ticket information, weather, mapping, flight information and travel related content.

Agencies can sign up to have itineraries sent automatically to their travelers by simply filling out an Agency Profile and inserting an email address in the travelers record.

Wireless access to My Trip and More travel itineraries is also available through any Internet-ready mobile telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA). The site is available just by clicking My Trip and  

Many questions are answered by clicking the Help link located on the left side of the My Trip and More Web site. My Trip and More Help is located within the product and is updated often.

Agent Assistant has an extensive section of My Trip and More information.  You can use it for a study guide. Click on the subjects below to look some of the related subjects.

Accessing My Trip and More E-mail an Itinerary
Portable Digital Assistant Security

Our GRS HELP and INFO systems detail the functionality to store an email address in a PNR. We have highlighted some of the key formats for you.  Enter HELP 5-MTT or INFO 5-MTT in the GRS to see the detailed information.

You can now view travel plans by connecting to My Trip and More from the Worldspan Go!® Resource Center.

Take a look at a sample personalized page of My Trip and More. View the layout of an airline, hotel, car, and tour booking.

Worldspan®, a Palm VII query application, includes the ability to display itinerary information booked through Worldspan. A standard query ranges from 600 to over 2,000 bytes received. For more information on the application, click Wireless Access from the My Trip and More pages.

Last Updated: June 17, 2003 ALN