Certified Vendor Program – North America




     ** Denotes Preferred Certified Vendor


Worldspan is the premiere travel technology partner for agencies worldwide, and Worldspan's Certified Vendor Program serves as the frontline liaison between your agency and some of the finest technology providers in the industry. Our job is to provide you with the resources and expertise you need to run your business more efficiently. Resources that will help you add value, build revenue and manage overall technology costs. Worldspan plays an active role with our technology partners, developing new products and planning integration support to make sure you get the technology you need to service your customers and grow your agency business.

The Certified Vendor Program is your market place of third-party vendor solutions. If you are looking for a quality control tool, a reporting tool or other business processing tools, browse through our list of Certified Vendors. Vendors who are in our Certified Vendor Program have demonstrated to us that they have a working interface to Worldspan products.

Some vendors are Worldspan's Preferred Certified Vendors. These vendors are indicated by asterisks (**). Preferred Certified Vendors have gone one step further with Worldspan to add value in the distribution channel. Vendors in this category have either assembled a special package for Worldspan subscribers or they have agreed to offer Worldspan subscribers special pricing. Information about our Preferred Certified Vendors includes a link to their site or a contact that can describe their special offerings. We encourage you to give our Preferred Certified Vendors an opportunity to do business with you.