nPorta's online booking engine product, TravelASP is a .Net application that utilizes Worldspan's XMLPro Messaging suite.  This ASP web-based application is designed for agencies, consolidators, travel suppliers, corporations and consumer websites. TravelASP provides real-time reservations and booking capability for flights, cars and hotels.  It can be integrated into an existing website, or bundled with content, administrative tools and other features into an entire hosted website solution.

The goal of Worldspan and nPorta is to provide the technology tools to agencies and other travel suppliers to generate revenue, increase segment productivity and enhance their web presence while ensuring they maintain control of their bookings and customer database. Customized to each agency's SID and negotiated fares, TravelASP assures segment productivity credit to the agency by placing reservations directly into their ticketing queues. Additionally, TravelASP allows agencies to remain competitive by decreasing overhead and providing online booking capability to clients.

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